BBC:  "Lea’s account of her loss, and her adjustment to the new man her husband has become, is unflinching." 

PEOPLE: "In this brave, inspiring memoir, [Lea] recounts the losses and what it took to rebuild."

OPRAH: "An admirable and heartening story about love, the resilience of marriage and what 'in sickness and in health' really means."

BOOKLIST:  "Her stunning account of his recovery efforts and her willful refusal to give up on marriage to the stranger occupying her husband’s body is fantastically heartfelt and inspiring."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE:  "I was carried forward by the linguistic ferocity of a self-proclaimed badass, but also by great empathy for the husband whose medical tragedy lies at the heart of this story."

MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE:  "A quietly wrenching memoir that’s as much about what makes any of us who we are as it is about Lea’s own story."