Whidbey Island, Washington | September 5 - 8, 2019

Four days among the owls and the alders with a dozen writers and no technology. Together we will explore the liminal, witness each other’s stories, and live in community. We will write honestly and directly in a safe setting oriented to your emergence. We will work in whatever form you’re working—fiction or nonfiction—and we’ll focus on a variety of forms and point of view through a series of exercises.

• Nourishing organic meals
• Japanese soaking tub
• Outdoor shower (indoor tub & shower too!)
• Cordwood sauna
• Acres of wetlands to roam
• Shared bedrooms, kitchen, and deck in Marsh House

We welcome writers at all stages. This retreat is intimate, and our focus is entirely on your work. There will be times for silence on this retreat.

$300 deposit | $979 workshop all-inclusive


Imprint Books, Port Townsend, WA | October 5-6, 2019

At the beginning of this year I had a dream where these words were spoken to me— Literata herätä. I woke up, and began to search for their meanings. Herätä is from the Finnic languages, and its meaning is to wake up. Literata is the feminine form of the literary one. These months I’ve been living into their mysterious entreaty, into the ways that the unknown can name oneself and one’s work. How is language and story a form of waking up?

I'm making a Literata herätä generative workshop for all genders and non-binary writers, to explore how our stories are calling us into a personal and collective awakening. We’ll interrogate how characters appear who know things we might not yet realize. We will write into our questions, asking what might be awakened, including the canon, nature, emotions, myths, politics, and points of view. We will transform language away from what we know to find what’s distinctive, strange, uncompromising, and capable of upending our stories and our lives. We will take home a plan to prioritize this awareness. Held in Port Townsend at the fabulous bookstore of Anna & Peter Quinn’s, Imprint Books. Register here. | $350


WILD RESEARCH | November 3 - December 8, 2019 | MORE AT CORPOREAL WRITING

This winter I’m returning to teach online at Corporeal Writing with a brand new course I’ve been developing for writers and inquiring people everywhere. Wild Research uses an intuitive, emotional, body-based response to research, and allows us to hone in on developing the works we wish to create. We will focus on research from traditional sources like interviews, libraries, and archives, but we’ll also move into non-traditional inquiry through myths, stories, secrets, ceremonies, visions, and dreams. This online program is about cultivating an openness to the questions of the work as they arrive through the entire knowing field, including all beings. Stay tuned for booking information.



Private Consultation | $100/hour

Book Proposal Development | Three to five meetings with assignments | Includes education, research assistance, notes on each section, recommendations.| $100/hour

Manuscript Consultation | I read your manuscript and observe the work as a whole. Our focus together is on your story's perspective, narrative style, characterization, dialogue, language and style, and/or any other areas that call for attention. I help you preserve your voice and vision| $50/hour for reading, and $100/hour for meeting.



BITCHCONOCLAST, a mother-daughter conversation around sex, feminism and power.

Find us on iTunes and Soundcloud

One listener says, "I am really enjoying hearing various, thoughtful, and strong female perspectives. It’s something that I crave, but that is hard to come by. Tons of ideas come out of these talks— I feel like we are around the fire sharing important wisdom—things that float around but go unsaid—I’m so grateful that they are being said—because as a younger member of the community, I can build on that foundation, listen in the quiet for the next story that I, we need to hear."


Red Badge Project's Writing for Women Veterans
Ongoing Six-Week Course
Thursdays 11am-1pm
Federal Way Veteran Center
32020 32nd Ave S #110, Federal Way, WA 98001
(253) 838-3090

These courses are for active-duty women service members and women veterans. They're for anyone who would like to be with an intimate and private group focused on writing about trauma and life experiences. You do not have to know anything about writing. The group is safe and confidential. We specifically focus on women writers and artists. Dr. Kelly Dickinson at FWVC registers everyone for this program. Red Badge raises funds from donors so there is no cost to any writer attending. If you'd like to know how we work, please consider attending a day-long workshop.

Free | Registration Required



We would like to send twenty WOMEN VETERANS to a weekend retreat each summer. If you would like to sponsor a woman to attend, The Red Badge Project is a non-profit organization.



If you'd like to be considered for a scholarship for any of my in-person or e-courses, please write me a letter indicating your name, contact information, and tell me why you want a scholarship.