I mentor writers whose focus is personal writing. My classes are primarily through Hugo House at locations throughout Seattle. I also teach writing at Veteran's Centers for soldiers and veterans, through the Red Badge Project.

The work we do takes into account that all memory is radically subjective. Come write your story in any form: essay, letter, prose poem, manifesto, vignette, list, abecedarian, Wikipedia entry.

Why my teaching? My superpower is my transparency — the sensual, subversive style of my writing that allows my whole self to be seen, even the ugly parts. I don’t just teach writing – I write every day. I have a disciplined creative life, and I want to show you how to design one too.


My clients are writers, artists and entrepreneurs. If you’re working on a book, essays, short stories, if you know you have a story inside and you’re not sure what form to use, if your characters are talking to you, if you’d like to learn how to trust uncertainty and imagine possibilities and take risks, I’m your writer.

Our time can include walking in the forest, becoming accountable, breaking barriers, writing at the margins, and other lessons in how to live in your craft. I have worked with clients to overcome writer’s block and perfectionistic obsessions, identify and ease the inner critic, and choose the writing project–by genre, craft and subject matter–true to their voice, passion and lifestyle.

I am interested in literary fiction and memoir, and I like to work with book-length memoirs, essays, and short fiction. I don’t work with genre writing (science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, family histories). I am not an editor, and have some great suggestions for editorial assistance.

I take a limited number of mentoring clients.

You can contact me for more details.

Collage by Teesha Moore