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Sonya Lea's memoir, Wondering Who You Are, is about her husband’s cancer treatment, through which he lost the memory of their life. Tin House will publish the book in July 2015.

She has won several screenwriting awards, and has placed in the Nicholl Fellowship, an international competition established by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sonya wrote, directed and produced Every Beautiful Thing, a short film, now going to festivals. She has also written television series for production houses as well as adapted novels for the screen.



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As a girl, I lived as much as possible in trees, and I often wandered in an imaginary world, where characters spoke to me. Later, as a woman, I discovered that both writing and the wild help me locate my desires.

The most important story I’ve ever written is one that I lived when my husband experienced a brain injury and lost the memories of our life. For this and other reasons, I’m drawn to explore themes of identity and memory in my work. I have seemingly paradoxical identities – sixth generation Kentuckian raised in Canada; literary writer and screenwriter; city-dweller and wild woman. The sacred paradoxes in sex and food and death remain my favorite themes, for describing paradox is a way of “effing the ineffable,” as the Zen essayist Alan Watts has noted.

My current work includes a memoir, Wondering Who You Are, a small book of essays, Creation Story and a novel-in-stories, The Anarchist Beatitudes. I also write essays for literary magazines, and publish a blog called Wondering Who You Are.